Why Choose Termimesh


Termite Control Barrier

The Termimesh System is an environmentally friendly termite barrier and is the only termite barrier made from stainless steel mesh.


Reasons to choose the Termimesh System

  • The Termite Control System provides a highly effective and long life physical termite barrier without the spraying of chemicals.
  • Termimesh’s quality assurance systems ensure that every installation of the physical termite battier is of the highest standard.
  • The Termimesh Termite Control System has been researched and tested at the highest level.
  • The Termimesh Termite Control System has been approved for effectiveness and accredited with certificates from numerous government organisations.
  • The Termimesh Termite Control System has a proven track record with over many quality installations.

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Choosing a Termite Barrier

The things to remember when choosing a termite barrier are:


Use a System that has a proven track record over many years and installations


The materials should be health friendly, last a long time and not be hazardous for the environment, human, animals, fishes etc.


The termite protection system should be installed by people who know exactly what they are doing.


You want the termite protection to last and not have to be re-applied or refilled every few years.

Selling Your Property

When reselling your property the buyer will want to know what you have done about termite protection. A poison-free system will add value.

To find out how to have the Termimesh Termite Barrier installed in your new home/or building or added to your renovation, contact us.