Termimesh Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel Mesh

The Technical Specification for the mesh is as follows:-

  • Ultra Marine Grade TM725 stainless steel mesh.
  • Wire Thickness: 0.18mm.
  • Woven Spacing: 40 warp wires x 30 weft wires (per inch)
  • This gives an aperture (opening) size of 0.66mm x 0.45mm


Termiparge (a bonding cement) is a 2 part mixture consisting of a liquid and a dry component.

Dry Component

  • Silica Sand
  • Portland Cement

Wet Component

  • A water based co-polymer dispersion, which is used as a total water replacement and modifier for the cement/sand mix.

The 2 Components are mixed until they reach a similar consistency of paint.

The materials are then applied by hand brush.

Benefits of the Termimesh System

  1. Sustainable Protection
    • The materials and the system are designed to be long-lasting
  2. No On-going Treatment
    • The Materials are long lasting and are permanently bonded and have been tested and proven not to degrade over time.
  3. Materials
    1. All Termimesh materials are made and used exclusively for the Termimesh System i.e. no 3rd party materials
  4. Integrity
    1. The Termimesh System is field tested, details are fully documented and published, including in The Australian Standards
  5. Details
    1. The Termimesh System has published details for all types of building construction and finishing details.
  6. The Component of the Termimesh System can be installed Pre- or Post-Pour, i.e. before or after concrete slab casting.
  7. No Permits are required to install the System and there will be no impact on the Critical Path of the Construction process
  8. The Termimesh System becomes an integral part of the building, not an “add on”.
  9. No Toxic Chemicals are used to “maintain a functioning termite barrier”. Total engineered physical barrier, zero impact on the environment.
  10. Applicable for new or existing buildings.
  11. Applicable for all soil type, high water tables, coastal or river zone, and Water Catchment Areas.
  12. A fully documented quality control program.
  13. Peace of Mind
  14. On-going Installation and Research in Australia, Japan, USA and Singapore.

Your Designs

The Termimesh System can be accommodated into any Architect’s or Engineer’s design and/or details i.e. we will not compromise the design.

The Termimesh System has developed installation techniques and specifications, which are thoroughly tested to meet the Industry’s requirement.

Many Other Uses

Termimesh provides highly effective and environmentally friendly protection for wood post structures such as pole homes, fences, gate posts, power poles and the like. These structures can be protected by a Termimesh sock, which is fitted over the end of the pole or post before it is set into the ground.


Protection of Electrical Cables and Connectors

Termites are attracted to live wires and HT cables. Termites have “eaten” through the pvc outer protection, the lead insulation and into the copper wires. Toxic chemical impregnated cables have been highly restricted in it’s usage because of the “leaching possibilities” into the ground waters. The Termimesh System offers an excellent, flexible, safe and long lasting solution.