What is the Termimesh System

What is the Termimesh System

The Termimesh System is a totally engineered physical barrier designed to prevent termite entry into the buildings  via  “hidden access”, without any “poisonous chemicals”.

Termites will attack from the inside out i.e. they will move into the building and eat their way out, Termites will enter into any buildings by way of “hidden accesses”.

For example,

  1. At gaps between brick-wall and exterior cement sand plastering that has de-bonded over time,
  2. Behind aluminium and/or stone claddings,
  3. Cracks that has opened up from concrete joints
  4. Shrinkages between pipings and concrete in the concrete slabs and walls
  5. Through services conduits etc.

In order to protect the building, the Termimesh System is designed to be located at:

  • all perimeters
  • all joints in concrete slabs and walls, including basement walls, CBP, diaphragm walls, RC wall , etc
  • all penetrations through concrete walls and floors
  • all conduit and/or services pipe openings
  • all major plant boxes

The System comprises:

1. Materials which include


Termimesh (A woven ultra marine grade  725 stainless steel mesh)


The stainless steel mesh is a highly flexible high-grade barrier, which termites cannot penetrate – no matter how hard they try. This is because the bony heads of the termites are simply too large to fit through the small apertures of the mesh.




Termiparge (Bonding Cement)

Termiparge is the proprietary name for the bonding cement, which is made up of a combination of a Termiparge Dry (a proprietary portland cement and silica sand) with a Termiparge Wet (a proprietary copolymer) for the purpose of a “permanent” bonding of the stainless steel mesh to the concrete substrate.



Stainless Steel Clamps

As with the Termimesh parging, 100% stainless steel clamps are used to “permanently” bind the stainless steel to the pipings. There will also be no differential metal corrosion as only stainless steel metals are used.

ss clamps

System Materials and Tools

The rest of the items that are used as part of the Termimesh System.


2. Technology including installation techniques and specifications

Termimesh Singapore will assist to design the termite control system utilising from the more than 100 published Termimesh Installation type details.


3. Accredited Installers


All Termimesh Systems are designed and installed by the Termimesh pool of specialists, trained only in the installation of the Termimesh System. They are classified from Level 1 to Level 7. Depending on the complexity of the installation, the appropriate Level of Installers will be mobilised.

4. Quality Control

The Key to a good Termimesh Installation is quality control. All installations are checked, verified with Client’s representatives, endorsed by the Main Contractor’s foreman, measured, recorded on plans and photographically recorded.

The Termimesh barrier once-only installation, is expected to last the reasonable life of the structure/building.