Information to Owners/Developers

Owners/Building Developers


For the Owners/Building Developers, the Termimesh Termite Physical Control Barrier offers:

  • Termimesh is a current Green Technology product and service
  • Developer can enhance their reputation by offering the “Green” Termimesh Termite Control System to your Clients
  • Termimesh is a socially responsible product as it is zero impact on the environment and will not pollute any water source
  • Termimesh, ultra marine grade stainless steel, is a sustainable, i.e. will last a long time, product and will reduce future maintenance cost
  • Maintaining a continual Safe and friendly living and working environment
  • To download a copy of The Termimesh Introduction to Owners/Building Developers

Termimesh Specifications

There are more than 100 installation designs and specifications to suit the many types of construction methods Termimesh encounters.

Buildings are complicated and seldom have the same specifications. Termimesh has authorised installation specifications which will cope with the differences.

These specifications are available to architects ,developers, home owners, builders and building designers by contacting us.

For example we have the following specifications:

  • 21 types of Perimeter protection
  • 7 types of Service Penetration protection
  • 10 types of Zero Boundary construction
  • 5 types of Tilt-Up slab construction
  • 9 types of Retaining Walls
  • 5 types of Concrete Wall Construction Joints
  • 11 types of Abutting Paths and Driveways
  • 7 types of Rendered Walls
  • 10 types of Control Joints